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Flag bearer for Italy at the Opening Ceremony, individual bronze medallist in the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games, winner of individual bronze and silver at para world championships, winner of several other medals, DE PELLEGRIN had his chance to the “graal”: an individual Paralympic title! He started the match like he had been waiting all his life this moment: 10-10-10 and a 2-0 lead. DE PELLEGRIN also won the second set 26-22, 4-0! Two points away from gold! The third set was a bit hectic: 8-8-7 for SANAWI and 8-7-7 for DE PELLEGRIN. The Malaysian came back at 2-4. SANAWI found some rhytm in the fourth set scoring 10-9-9. The Italian has 8-10-9, tied match at 4-4!

DE PELLEGRIN started the decisive set with a 9. SANAWI responded with a 9. The Italian had a 9. SANAWI a 10! DE PELLEGRIN finished with a 10! SANAWI need a 10 to win gold-he scored a 9. Tied set, tied match, shoot-off! One arrow only for each archer; 20 seconds to shoot; the closest to the centre wins the gold! DE PELLEGRIN scored a 9. SANAWI had an 8. DE PELLEGRIN won the gold medal!



    • Wslm Prof…..

      He is definitely our true olympian and he deserve more than other Malaysian athletes due to his disability….Insyaallah Prof…doakan agar kejayaan seumpama itu menjadi milik Hidayah suatu hari nanti….For your info Prof….Insyaallah next year, we will be participating in the WOrld Junior Indoor Archery Championships which will be held in Singapore……it is an open participation….Doakan ye Prof….Jazakallah.

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